Dear Friends & Family of Raymond:

I will be in touch shortly with some new updates on some positive things that are in the works but not yet finalized.

Some of you have asked me to send you the petition that I have drafted demanding that the Brazilian authorities vindicate Raymond's murder.

The reason I have not sent it to you is that I am in the process of retaining a Brazilian lawyer for the impending trial. (More details later).

When I get all of that sorted out and find the absolute best way to target the petition I will get back to you. I have not been meaning to ignore your requests.

The petition is "pending", I want to get advice on the best way to go about the petition  I would like to rely on Ray's lawyer’s expertise regarding the petition and how to direct it so that it has the effect we are looking for.  This is the Brazilian attorney who I’m hiring to represent Raymond’s interest at the trial, more details to come.

Please leave your email address at and you will
be notified when the petition is up and running.



Marcia Sánchez - Loebick

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