Exciting news! Nelson de Sequeira Neves, has been captured and arrested!


On March 27, 1950 Raymond James Merrill was born in San Francisco, California.

On April 1, 2006 Raymond James Merrill was drugged, robbed, and viciously murdered in Brazil by Regina Filomena Rachid; a woman he met on the Internet; a woman who he believed was going to marry him.

The story of his brutal, premeditated murder has been published in newspapers and aired on television throughout the world.

This is Raymond's story.  

This site is dedicated to Raymond by his loving sister Marcia, his loving friends and family who want to see that his killers are brought to justice and pay the harshest penalties under Brazilian law.

We hope that you will join us in this effort by adding your voice to the demand for Brazil to vindicate Raymond's murder.

Let Raymond's tragic story serve as a cautionary tale to those who seek romance via Internet dating sites.  

Let Brazil know that the world will not tolerate any leniency towards Raymond's killers!